May 11, 2018

bathing tapes vol. one

Last month I recorded a studio mix at home on the 1210s, the first volume of an occasional series for me to share sounds I’m bumping heavy. I’m calling it bathing tapes (don’t @ me, Nigo), ’cos most of the jams won’t sound out of place during an extended exfoliation session. but you should enjoy the soothing vibes wherever you’re at. Find experimental techno diversions, Houston hip-hop, ethereal footwork waves, bleepy dancehall and more sweet infusions inside.

PS you can d/l the mix here

All credit and thank you to the creators of these tracks. Full tracklist over on soundcloud 👀 but some new artists in there you should go check for… object blue, Ciel, DJ Python to name a few.

This is something of a break from the usual content I have posted here. In 2017, I started this blog to write about and share examples of my work in data science/data sci-adjacent areas. The work of Yihui in creating blogdown made it fun to share technical posts and give back to the R community, something I did with regularity last year.

This year, I have consciously put less pressure on myself to force through ideas (noticeable from the date of my last post), and I’ve dedicated more time on other crafts and passions, following creative thoughts naturally. I want to use this site to document all my creations, whatever the medium (and likely audience) and without hang-ups about the Personal BrandTM. So, tune in and tune out when it feels good 🌟